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So. Let’s start from the beginning: I’m biking across America. Why? Not totally sure. Think the main reason is that I like challenges and that I’m not completely sure where the line of ”foolhardy” and ”adventurous” goes. I started on the 21st of June in Battery Park on Manhattan in New York City, started mile by mile making my way west.

”Going west” – doesn’t the expression itself got a certain allure to it? Adventure! Oregon Trail! Lewis and Clark! Buffaloes! Gold Rush! Wild West! Bike! Across! America! There has been rumors that the wind tends to blow from the west, meaning a headwind for me, but what’s an extra challenge? We’ll take on the headwinds when I get to those.

Me? I’m Jonas Ekblom, 20-year old Swedish guy with a trusty old bike (”old” is relative – it’s a Trek from 2006) and some pannier bags and some maps and and an idea. In 2007-8 I lived in America as an exchange student in Kansas and it was time to return, but seriously? Roadtrip? Waaaaay too dull. That’s where my bike come into the picture.

I’m just out of my work as an social media editor at the second-biggest morning radio show in Sweden and on my bike between work and my long-awaited return to school; I’m off to London to study European Social and Political Studies at the highly acclaimed University College London. But first I’m getting a badass tan to show all pale brits how scandinavians tan. And some nice scenery along the way.

Do you want to get in touch with me? Just send me an email to or send me a tweet to @jonasekblom!

You might be wondering where I am? Well, that not a problem, just take a look:


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